McKenzie Delis Packer Review 2020

The McKenzie-Delis Packer report creates an industry standard diagnostic and meaningful report to harness the power of all aspects of both visible and invisible diversity. The latter tracks and measures annually the progress of 10 holistic facets of diversity, inclusion and belonging in one all-encompassing and useful review.

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The McKenzie Delis Packer Review is a groundbreaking report on diversity and inclusion in the UK workplace. While the D&I agenda has long been a high priority in the UK, until this point there has not been a comprehensive review of how the country’s largest employers are addressing and prioritising their efforts across the ten facets of workplace diversity and inclusion - Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Nationality, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic Status, Disability & Neurodiversity, Religion, Parenthood.

To address this gap, DIAL Global partnered with Ipsos MORI, the United Nations GC and UpReach to complete a holistic report on diversity & inclusion (D&I) in the UK workplace.  We worked with leading advocates of D&I, including Stonewall, the Parker Review, the Centre for Ageing Better, Mind, the Hampton-Alexander Review and the Business Disability Forum to gather insight related to D+I policies, priorities and experience across some of the UK’s top 500 companies and public sector institutions,  These partnerships have informed the content of the survey and will use the results to advance and prioritise this fundamental agenda.