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Moving The Dial

The McKenzie Delis Foundation is committed to increasing diversity at all levels in the workplace. Committed to understanding where organisations are today, sharing what great looks like and shining a light on what more needs to be done.


Who is Leila McKenzie-Delis?

Leila McKenzie-Delis is a British Chinese millennial activist and founder of DIAL Global. Leila’s passion and commitment to diversity and inclusion has been inspired by her upbringing and career to date. Originally born in Hong Kong, Leila was adopted as a baby by a British couple and grew up in Harrogate, Yorkshire. As one of the relatively few non-white people in her school and the local area, Leila began to think about the nature of identity, race and professional ambition.

Leila went on to excel academically, graduating top of her class and with a first-class honours degree, however she quickly came across difficulties in accessing opportunities to graduate jobs and internships – while her friends and peers around her did not experience the same barriers.

These obstacles lead Leila down the path of the entrepreneur and today Leila is a passionate thought leader with multiple business and charitable interests. The McKenzie-Delis Foundation was born out of Leila’s experiences, desire and absolute determination to move the dial on diversity to create a more equitable and inclusive society.


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