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What is the McKenzie Delis Review?

Now in its second year, the McKenzie Delis Review is a ground-breaking assessment of Diversity and Inclusion efforts by the biggest and most important companies across the US and UK. Our review is different because it looks at all 10 facets of diversity, including at the leadership level, highlights best-in-class examples and measures progress over time.

Who are some of your sponsors?

Our sponsors include KPMG, Accenture, Verizon, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, Ipsos MORI, Revolt Communications and DIAL Global.

Why should my company participate? What’s in it for my company?

If you are doing anything at all to drive improvements in the D&I space, you should participate. Not only will you be listed as one of the top 100 companies working diligently to increase diversity in the workplace, but you will also get a private, personalised diversity report and diagnostics tool for your company so you can benchmark yourself against others.

How will you use my company’s results?

One of two ways depending on your preference:

  1. If you want your company to remain anonymous, we will only use your data in aggregate with other participating organisations to paint a holistic picture of the current workplace D&I landscape in our final review. This means no one will know how you ranked on any of the D&I facets. Please note, if you choose this option, we will not be able to issue a personalised report/diagnostics tool.

  2. If you are happy for us to use your company’s name, we will still use your data in aggregate, but may also ask if you would like to showcase a particularly D&I champion within your organisation or leverage a specific initiative for a case study. And, if your company ranks in the top 10 on any of the D&I facets, you will be listed (and celebrated!) in our review. You will also receive your company’s personalised diversity report and diagnostics tool.

How will this affect my company’s reputation?

No matter how you choose to participate, openly or anonymously, your openness to being part in the McKenzie Delis Review shows a commitment to a better workplace without bias. Particularly companies who agree to a case study or showcase a D&I champion, will see their reputation benefit among current and prospective employees, customers and shareholders, as these will set them apart as true vanguards in the space.  

What data protections do you have in place for the survey?

All of our survey data is collected anonymously, and only those companies who agree to be published will be included in our final reports.

How can I take the survey?

You can choose to answer our survey online for which you will need your unique access code, or through a 20-minute telephone interview with our research director. To get started today email us at

How can I get more involved?

True diversity and inclusion is never done! Join the revolution and help create a truly inclusive and diverse workplace that sparks authentic cultures, innovation, creativity and ultimately more profitability. Help us by:

  • Spreading the word! Is there another company you think should participate? Send them our way.

  • Giving us those case studies

  • Highlighting your D&I champions

  • Joining our DIAL Global community

Who is Leila McKenzie Delis?

Leila McKenzie-Delis is a British Chinese millennial activist and founder of DIAL Global. Leila’s passion and commitment to diversity and inclusion has been inspired by her upbringing and career to date. Originally born in Hong Kong, Leila was adopted as a baby by a British couple and grew up in Harrogate, Yorkshire. As one of the relatively few non-white people in her school and the local area, Leila began to think about the nature of identity, race and professional ambition.


Leila went on to excel academically, graduating top of her class and with a first-class honours degree, however she quickly came across difficulties in accessing opportunities to graduate jobs and internships – while her friends and peers around her did not experience the same barriers.


These obstacles lead Leila down the path of the entrepreneur and today Leila is a passionate thought leader with multiple business and charitable interests. The McKenzie-Delis Foundation was born out of Leila’s experiences, desire and absolute determination to move the dial on diversity to create a more equitable and inclusive society.